Taking Wave World Universe to a new level


Since almost 15 years it has been our dream to create virtual worlds,blending together mesmerizing electronic music and surreal alien life forms and landscapes. 


Virtual worlds that visitors can explore, enjoying spectacular environments, taking part in compelling and adventurous storylines, and discovering hidden layers of secrets, accompanied by the hypnotic music of Wave World. 


We have reached a point where everything seems right to take the next step. New technologies have brought us high quality online gameplay, fast internet, and even more realistic graphics, while collaboration between users and developers is making complex projects possible by means of crowdfunding. 


Until now we have been using several multimedia concepts to offer our audiences the opportunity of experiencing the alien worlds we have created for Wave World.


No media, though, comes closer to actually being there, than 3D first person gameplay. Using this concept, visuals, music, and storylines can be combined into a single online medium, including the possibility of ‘being there for real’ with the Oculus virtual headset. 


In 2016 we will take new steps in developing our dream universe. We will gradually do this by producing modular building blocks as parts of a bigger universe. 



We have come to realize that our ambitions are too big for a small team with limited resources. We cannot do this alone. This is why we need the help of our fans: you! 


We are now preparing a crowdfunding pitch for our first modular building block: an introduction to the fantastic worlds of the Wave World Universe. Prepare for something very special, not seen before. 

We expect to go online on Kickstarter or Rockethub in the first quarter of 2016. 



We are looking forward to your support, 

Gert, Rolf & Harry

The Wave World Universe is an interactive 4D quest into a surrealistic world based on the music of Ambient Space band Wave World.
Explore this unique world and it's neighbouring planets and moons, and unlock its secrets while enjoying Wave World's unique musical soundscapes.

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