The Wave World Universe is an interactive quest into a surrealistic world based on the music of Ambient Space band Wave World. Explore this unique world and it's neighbouring planets and moons, and unlock its secrets while enjoying the musical soundscapes of Waveworld.


A simpler version of "The Waveworld Universe" has been tested for a while on the Wave World website. By popular demand, we are now creating a completely new version of the Waveworld Universe, sporting a higher resolution, more dynamic images and, of course, extra locations and levels.

The Wave World Universe is a dynamic concept that will grow over time. Things can change between visits and locations might expand.....


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16 June 2010
New locations and extensions are in develoment. With the next update we finally can go back to Planet Wave World and Planet Tirza Gonxa.

4 March 2009
At the moment we are converting all the entry-points of the old universe to the new higher resolution. This takes some time because we also drasticly improve the locations. The new universe contains a lot of animation so we deal with long rendertimes.



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